We know what you’re thinking…

I heard Solar energy was expensive?

Solar energy is not as expensive as many people think and can provide

savings as great as 30% of your current utility charges, for more information contact

us today to determine your Solar solution.


I don’t quite understand how solar energy works, is it safe?

Solar energy is a safe alternative to conventional sources of energy used

today, many of these which are provided by fossil fuels and are harmful to the



Is it possible that it will be cheaper to invest in Solar energy in the


It is possible that as advances are made in technology and as more

homes and businesses switch to solar energy that cost may go down. However,

there are many advantages to making the change now, including state and federal rebates worth up to half the initial cost. Contact us to discuss your options. 


How do I know if Solar is a good option for me?

Knowing how much you spend on utility charges monthly is a good place

to start, if you spend more than $75 a month in utility charges then you would be a 

good candidate. There are also other considerations such as the condition of your roof.